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Bioethics Student Scholars

June/July 2009 
Jennifer deSante is a graduate student at the University of Pennsylvania who plans to graduate with a combined Doctorate of Medicine and Masters of Bioethics degree in May 2010.  She has been studying bioethics since high school and her research has spanned beginning of life issues, organ transplantation procurement, embryonic stem cell research policy, and vaccine ethics.  She did her undergraduate work at Princeton University, where she majored in Molecular Biology.  During college she interned at the University of Pennsylvania’s Center for Bioethics.  It was here that she began to focus her research more on beginning of life issues.  Her senior thesis at Princeton University was entitled “Catholic Views on the Human Embryo and Their Impact on the Embryonic Stem Cell Debate.” 

Upon graduating from Princeton University, Jennifer enrolled in University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, where she received the Bellet Scholarship for her Masters degree.  While in medical school she also studied in the Netherlands, researching their infant euthanasia policy and the Groningen Protocol.  She has taught as a preceptor in the School of Medicine’s professionalism class and their bioethics class.  She has been invited to sit on an NIH Ethics Advisory Board for human gene therapy research.  Currently, she is working on a survey of physicians regarding their views on the influenza vaccine and mandatory vaccination requirements.  This fall she plans to apply for a pediatric residency where she hopes to continue her study of bioethics.

In the wake of Octomom, student scholar Jennifer deSante explores whether physicians have an ethical obligation to screen IVF applicants.  Read it here.
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